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Learn Basic Web Layout Designs. HTML CSS Layout Designs Tutorial. Beginners Web Layout Designs. Hello Readers, In this article you will learn. how to create basic web layout template, I'll guide you through the fundamentals of creating stunning web layout using HTML and CSS. 

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Whether you're a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced developer seeking a refresher, this article has something for everyone.

How to create basic web layout template?

in this web layout I've used basic html tags div id wrapper width 90% of the web page. In header section I have added a LOGO div id align-left side and right side navigation menu with id nav-div using unorder list, list-items a-hyperlink. 

Next part of the web layout is header-banner, next part is main-div main area including sidebar-div, moving to next part body-area, the last part is footer-area. I have also included clear-fix class these are basic structure of html tags used in this web layout.

In this web layout I have used internal CSS to style this basic web layout, starting with universal selector setting all elements to have zero margin and zero padding box-sizing border-box property.

To get started, watch and practice along with the tutorial below, by practicing this web layout you'll be able to create this simple and basic web layout that can help you to understand the basic structure of web layout. 

Topic covered :

HTML (HTML stand for Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML structure learn the essential HTML tags to structure web layout from header to footer, I've got covered.

CSS (CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS styling discovered the power of CSS to style this HTML elements.

The web Layout start with logo and main heading with h1 tag, below this section is navigation menu align in center, next is Header Banner and next is left-side.

I've included a sidebar using 30% and remaining 70% area is for body-area last part is footer with 100% width to align all elements perfect I've be using line-height property to give beautiful look to the layout using background border-box property.  

 If you like this web layout design, then feel free to use it. By clicking the copy button you can copy the source code

web layout

Source Code: Get Code

The above code is free to use and for practice propose, this web layout indicates the basic web layout. The HTML code includes header logo, navigation menu , header-banner, left-sidebar, main body-area, footer area.

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