Full-Stack Web Developer Course and Also you will Learn to Develop 20 Real World Projects

A Complete Web Development Course. Dear Students of the Digital Community System today in this Article I'll Explain you about  How to Become a Web Developer so What you will get in this course. This Course is Designed for Beginner to Intermediate to Expert.

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To Whom this Course is? 

Beginners Professional Students

  • 100+ Hours of Lessons
  • Coding Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Projects


  1. All about HTML and Elements of HTML
  2. CSS How to Style Webpages
  3. JavaScript How to to write script for Webpages
  4. jQuery A JavaScript Platform
  5. BS 5 Bootstrap 5 best platform
  6. Node.js About Nodejs How to create Apps using JS
  7. Express.js a Node.js platform
  8. EJS Emended JavaScript
  9. APIs Application Program Interface
  10. PHP PHP Server side script 
  11. SQL SQL-Database
  12. Maps How to use google map and mapmyindia 

Road Map

20 Projects

  1. Math Tuition Website HTML and CSS
  2. Image Gallery HTML CSS and Flexbox
  3. Image Gallery HTML CSS Grid
  4. Age Calculator HTML CSS JS
  5. Math Game HTML CSS JS
  6. Fruit Slicing Game HTML CSS jQuery
  7. Landing Pages Website
  8. Institute Course Website
  9. Vertical Timeline Project
  10. Multi Level Form Project
  11. E-Commerce Project Website 
  12. Personal Blog Website
  13. Personal Portfolio Website
  14. Food Ordering Website
  15. File Explorer App
  16. To Do List App
  17. Weather Detail App
  18. Daily Expense Management System
  19. Distance Between Two Cities
  20. Carpool App Major Project

By the end of this Course you will be 

  1. Front-end Web Developer
  2. Back-end Web Developer
  3. Full Stack Web Developer
Starting with HTML which is Hypertext Markup Language, it describe the structure of a web page, it is the collection of elements and elements tell the browser to display the web page content. by Creating simple web Page skeleton like.
Heading, Paragraph, Image, Link, Integrating Video Iframes, Registration Form and many more 

CSS which is Cascading stylesheet, which describe the presentation of web pages, including 
styling links, text fonts styling list, gradients, animation, Floating, background, image opacity, transitions, box modal, image sprites, classes and ID, text alignment 2D/3D

Advance CSS
CSS Grid and Flexbox SASS